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Swedish Massage in Edinburgh

When it was first created in the early 1830’s it is doubtful that Per Henrik Ling imagined that it would still be practised around the world almost 200 years later. As in other parts of the world, in Edinburgh, Swedish massage is consistently a popular choice for individuals who are considering massage therapy.

It was initially developed as a way to help him to relieve the discomfort he felt from an elbow injury. This had been initially sustained during his time working as a fencing instructor. He discovered that the use of percussive motions, combined with an understanding of physiology, could help to speed up recovery and ease inflammation. This principle has now been developed and applied to other areas of the body and has been shown to be particularly effective for individuals who wish to improve their posture or mobility.

When you choose a Swedish massage, your therapist will work with you to create a treatment plan which is tailored to your individual needs and requirements. They will also be able to advise you regarding how many treatments may be required in order to gain the best possible results.

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