Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage in Edinburgh

For more than 3,000 years, Indian head massage has been a popular form of treatment across Southern Asia. In some families, it is a daily practice of self care, comparable with brushing your hair or drinking enough water. Originally developed within the ancient health system of Ayurveda, it combines understanding of the mind and body as a whole in order to provide a treatment which is dedicated to healing both.

When used correctly, Indian head massage can help to reduce the occurrence of headaches, migraines and sinus issues. It can also boost hair growth and promote stronger, healthier roots. Your massage therapist will work to soothe tensions within the neck and scalp, intending to restore the flow of energy and promote feelings of balance.

In Edinburgh, Indian head massage is a treatment which is available at a wide number of massage venues. This means that you are sure to find somewhere which suits your needs and budgetary requirements.

If you are considering a full-day of pampering, why not book your Indian head massage at a luxury day spa alongside other treatments?

Edinburgh Indian Head Massage‚Äč Salons

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Ketty Maud

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