Oil Massage

Oil Massage in Edinburgh

The use of oil within massage treatments has been a widely accepted practice for centuries, with many people enjoying the smoother sensation that oil brings to their massage experience. This oil can be used either hot or cold but is most commonly heated in order to help warm the muscles, enabling them to be more receptive to the manipulation involved during treatments.

The oil used within a massage can be a variety of different types, with many massage therapists choosing to use a specially formulated massage oil. However, some will prefer to use warmed olive oil in order to gain the natural benefits available such as repairing and hydrating the skin or combatting the visibility of ageing skin.

During your massage, your therapist will usually apply oil to the skin with a variety of different massage techniques. It is most popularly used alongside Thai massage practises, meaning that you are able to enjoy an intense, yet relaxing, massage experience which will leave you feeling both refreshed and revitalised.

In Edinburgh, oil massage is a very widely available treatment option, with venues offering this service in a way which is tailored to your own unique needs. This means that you are able to enjoy a massage which is truly as unique as you are.

Edinburgh Oil Massage Salons

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