Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy Massage in Edinburgh

The use of essential oils is widely accepted within massage treatments and the homoeopathic world as a whole. When used correctly, essential oils can heighten feelings of peace and relaxation as well as providing additional benefits such as healing quality and energising sensations. Oils are quite often included in massage treatments in order to offer the best possible results from your choice of therapy.

Before your treatment, your chosen therapist will discuss your requirements with you as well as what you hope to achieve from treatment. This will help them to suggest oils which may help and create a combination of oils which are tailored to your individual needs. This oil combination will usually be added to a massage oil in order to be applied to the skin during your treatment. Your therapist will then use this oil to enhance the massage experience, boost feelings of relaxation and provide your required benefits. For example, if you are looking for a massage treatment which will leave you feeling energised and ready to tackle whatever challenges life brings, then you may be recommended a combination of oils which includes eucalyptus.

If you are visiting or living in Edinburgh, aromatherapy massage is a widely available treatment option and can regularly be experienced in a variety of locations. This includes mobile massage therapists who may be able to provide treatment in the comfort of your home or hotel.

Edinburgh Aromatherapy Massage Salons

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