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Not everyone has time for an extensive massage treatment and some individuals may not feel comfortable with the type of massage which involves undressing in front of a stranger. If this sounds like you, then the good news is that the world of massage is an extensive place and there are still options for you to choose from such as hand massage. Edinburgh has become a haven of pampering in recent years which means that hand massage treatments are a widely available choice for those looking to enjoy some ‘me time’ without needing to completely rearrange their diaries.

A typical hand massage will only take around thirty minutes to complete and there are a number of venues which will offer shorter options if you are really tight for time. This means that you can easily enjoy a hand massage treatment during your lunch break or before heading home from work after a busy day. Alternatively, if you would prefer to combine your treatment with another form of pampering, hand massages are often listed as optional extras during manicures and nail treatments.

During your treatment, your chosen massage therapist will usually start by applying an oil or lotion. This will enable them to provide a smoother massage experience, soothing the muscles and ligaments of the hands as they work. Many individuals who work atcom[puters or in roles which involve using their hands a lot will find that regular hand massage treatments help them to maintain flexibility and movement in their hands, no matter what life throws at them. It is also a beneficial treatment for individuals with conditions which affect movement and mobility such as arthritis.

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