Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage in Edinburgh

Sometimes, a typical massage treatment just isn’t quite enough. You may not be able to experience the level of relaxation that you expected. Perhaps you find it difficult to switch off. It could just be that other massage treatments just aren’t able to reach the knots of tension hidden deep within your tissues. Forall of these issues, there is deep tissue massage.

Unlike other treatments which are tailored towards promoting feelings of relaxation and balance, a deep tissue is designed to provide pain relief. This is done by focussing on releasing areas of tension within the muscles, reducing inflammation and improving circulation in the affected area. Massage therapists will also work to increase your range of movement and flexibility, meaning that you will be able to feel like the best possible version of yourself.

Due to the specialist nature of a deep tissue massage, treatments will often be more expensive than alternative massage options. This is to account for the fact that massage therapists who are trained to offer this service are required to complete additional courses and certification.

Edinburgh Deep Tissue Massage​ Salons

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