Take a look at the extensive range of massage treatments available to choose from at Edinburgh Massage

Not just for romantic partners; relax and enjoy time with someone special

Reach the deepest layers of tissue for an intense massage experience

Boost circulation, increase range of motion and rejuvenate your tired toes

A percussive treatment which is particularly useful for posture-related issues

The added benefits of exfoliation while tension is released from within the muscles

Enjoy a relaxing and invigorating experience as tension is released from your back

Treat yourself to some pampering during your lunch hour and ease sore joints

The addition of heated volcanic rocks to soothe tired and aching muscles

Four hands are better than two, enjoy two massage treatments at the same time

Indian Head Massage

Relieve the symptoms of headaches, migraines and eye stains with this ancient technique

Recover from injuries and help prevent recurrence with this treatment

The addition of essential oils work to engage the senses, creating deeper relaxation

Feel stress melt away and gain relief from neck pain, headaches and eye strains

Combining 2500 years of practice and modern understanding

You can thoroughly relax and enjoy the experience while your skin is hydrated and soothed

Why Choose Edinburgh Massage?

Here at Edinburgh massage, we understand just how busy life can get. It can feel as though you are constantly running from one thing to another, without any time to relax or even catch your breath. While being busy is a standard part of modern life, it is vitally important to remember to look after yourself. Failing to carve out some quality self-care time can result in burnout and may even increase the risk of developing other issues such as poor sleeping patterns, anxiety and depression. This is why we have made choosing and booking your perfect massage as easy as possible. By offering an extensive range of treatments, we have made sure that there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a luxury day of pampering at a spa, a speedy treatment on your lunch break or a massage therapist who can visit you at home after a busy day at work, we have it all.

The Journey Starts Now

With Edinburgh massage, true relaxation is only a few clicks away. Book today and find your way to inner peace.