What is a Swedish Massage and How Can It Help You?

Even as a relative newcomer to the world of massage therapy, Swedish Massage is still one of the best known forms of treatment available to choose from. It would be easy to assume that Swedish Massage is less effective because it doesn’t have the same ancient heritage which is held by options such as Thai massage and Indian Head Massage, but this is not true.

Where Does Swedish Massage Come From?

The principles of Swedish massage were originally developed in Sweden in the early 1830’s by a fencing instructor named Per Henrik Ling. He was looking for a way to help a recurrent elbow injury and found a range of percussive motions which helped. His principles were then adapted by a Dutch doctor called Johann Georg Mezger who found ways of helping other areas of the body.

Over the last 200 years, the motions and principles used in these early massage treatments have been adapted to form the practice which is recognised as your Swedish massage in Edinburgh and around the world today.

What Can Swedish Massage Do?

When used properly, Swedish massage can provide long-term relief from pain and discomfort alongside additional benefits such as feelings of relaxation. Some of the many benefits of Swedish Massage include:

Where Can I Find a Good Therapist for Swedish Massage? Because Edinburgh Swedish massage treatments are particularly popular with individuals looking to boost recovery from injuries or improve their posture, it is especially important to choose a skilled, certified and experienced massage therapist. By using the Edinburgh massage website, you will have massage options available to you, each with genuine reviews and information regarding the treatments they offer. You may also be able to find a massage therapist who is able to offer treatments in the comfort of your own home.

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